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Welcome to RESUME GIRL

RESUME GIRL is a small, growing business with roots in Houston, TX. The business was originally developed to serve the local Houston community but has quickly grown to include a global clientele. Now with locations in both Houston, TX and San Diego, CA, RESUME GIRL offers virtual assistance to anyone who needs help. RESUME GIRL provides high quality, professional resume writing, job search and coaching services to meet the needs of the discerning professional. Whether this is your first resume or your last, RESUME GIRL provides customized solutions to meet your needs.

What makes us different from your typical resume writing firm is that we are Human Resources professionals who have industry expertise recruiting, selecting and hiring candidates. Which means we have seen lots of resumes and interviewed lots of candidates for many different types of roles. We also have experience retaining and engaging employees. Which means we know exactly what key words you should be using on your resume to differentiate yourself from the competition.

We do not use automated software to crunch your resume into a bland format. We are not virtual writers or online workers who get paid to put your resume into a piece of software, make a few edits and send you a final version.


*By Appointment Only

Houston (Virtual Office)

720 Rusk Street
Houston, Texas 77002

*San Diego

1228 University Ave, Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92103



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